I’m Ariel Blackman, a Chicago native based in Sydney, Australia who’s passionate about UX/UI, graphic design, photography, and anything that mixes them.

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and traveled to the deserts of Arizona to study Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University. After some time as a graphic designer, I saw an opportunity to grow my skills with CareerFoundry's UX Certification program and jumped at it.


I love to working for a companies that encourages creativity and growth. My favorite part about design is seeing projects go from ideas and brainstorming to the final product, and I enjoy being part of that entire process. I like working on teams, and I’m also a strong leader. Whether I’m in a leadership position or not, nothing ever leaves my desk until I’m proud of it and feel that it’s worth sharing.

In addition to photography and design, I enjoy trying new restaurants, going to concerts, watching movies, and planning my next adventure.

If you would like to see some of my older work, please check it out here

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